Pregnant mom uses pregnancy support belt

5 reasons to use Momifies™ Belly Belt

And here are the big five reasons why mommas stop using ordinary posture correctos… and switching to the worlds most comfy and high-quality posture corrector for pregnants called Momifiq™ Belly Belt!

Pregnant woman feels back pain

1. You will not feel back pain ever again

You're starting to feel severe back pains in the 2nd and 3rd trimester, because your muscles and bones are weakened. It's better to get ready for this in advance and use a proper support from Momifiq™, which helps most of pregnant moms!

Pregnant woman wears a pregnancy belt

2. Gently corrects your posture

Most posture correctors are not suitable for pregnant moms. With your additional weight 👶 and the center of gravity moved, your back gets used to unusual positions. Our Belly Belt is created with your tummy in mind! This is an indispensable tool to prevent irreversible consequences in your spine.

Happy buyers of pregnancy belt

3. Thousands of fans

Momifiq™ Belly Belt has gone absolutely viral on TikTok. Mommas realized they don't have to handle all the weight by themselves, and the sales started to grow exponentially! Now we have an amazingly loyal community 😌

Pregnant women exercise

4. Best for exercising

Mommas reported, that using the Belt they reopened pregnancy exercising in a new way! You MUST do regular physical activities during pregnancy, if you doctor is OK with this. But how to do it if you can't even bend forward? This is how!

Pregnancy belt for postpartum recovery

5. Postpartum recovery

The Day comes... and you realize that this is only the beginning of your journey. Sorry for spoilers, but our Pregnancy Belt will be one of the essentials for your postpartum recovery :)

6. Bonus tip

While you're reading this now, Momifiq™ run a hidden SALE. If you want an additional 10% discount for the Belly Belt, use promocode: BELT10